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All The Enemies Of Captain Babar Azam Gathered Together And The Role Of

All the enemies of Babar Azam gathered together and the role of all was exposed.

Babar Azam. Who assumed the responsibility of captaining the Pakistan cricket team in 2019, and retired from this responsibility in November 2023. Level while he himself was holding the first five positions in all three formats of cricket for the last two and a half years. The ICC World Cup was held in India and Pakistan participated in this tournament as the world’s first-class team, while its captain Babar Azam was the world’s first-class batsman and Shaheen Afridi was the world’s first-class bowler. He had the honor of This honor had been eluding Babar Azam’s enemies for a long time.

Shoaib Malik and Muhammad Hafeez

Babar Azam as a Human Being Had a Patient and Peaceful Personality:

There were several attempts made to humiliate Babur Azam. However, they were unsuccessful because he was a patient and peaceful person who always prioritized others over himself. As a result, the atmosphere in the dressing room was always pleasant, which didn’t sit well with retired and hostile players like Shoaib Malik and Muhammad Hafeez who were still trying to keep themselves in the team.

Captain Babar Azam:

They were eager and kept lobbying for it regularly, but Babur Azam respected them as seniors but wasn’t ready to include them in the team as players. When Hafeez and Shoaib Malik received a clear answer from Babur Azam, they became angry and mobilized against him. Coincidentally, both of them got a place as commentators on TV channels.

All the enemies of Babar Azam gathered together and the role of all was exposed.

All Of These People Were Jealous Of Babar Azam:

Moreover, Imad Wasim and Muhammad Amir. Also held a grudge against Babur Azam for this reason, while Babur Azam’s cousins, were the Akmal brothers. I was envious of him for not being considered the captain. All of these people were jealous of Babur. Meanwhile, at the international level, groups of gamblers were trying to make a hole in the Pakistan team with their tricks, and it was difficult for them to get access to the dressing room of the Pakistan cricket team.

In such a situation, Lala Shahid Afridi:

In Such A Situation, Lala Shahid Afridi:

In such a situation, Lala Shahid Afridi, who was infamous for his unique style of ball-tampering, saw an opportunity to gain access to a group that could provide the main seal to fulfill his goals. Despite his notorious style, he managed to make Shaheen Afridi, the rising star of cricket, his son-in-law. Shaheen had captained Lahore Qalandar and made them the winner of PSL twice. However, conspiratorial elements killed Shaheen. Lala took advantage of the situation and made his presence known by showing the Sabz Bagh to Aqib Javed and his franchise owners, and finally managed to sneak into the dressing room of the Pakistan cricket team.

The tension that arose in the dressing room

The Tension That Arose In The Dressing Room:

The tension that arose in the dressing room during the Asia Cup reached its peak during the World Cup. Babar was facing criticism from his enemies in the media. While other conspiratorial elements were using Zak and Ashraf to put pressure on him. The lure of money can even make the most virtuous people compromise their principles, except those whose faith is strong.

However, Babar Azam had the privilege of performing Hajj before the World Cup and remained an obedient child to his father. His father tried to protect him from the nephews’ shadow, who were involved in conspiracies against Babar. Despite not participating in the ongoing conspiracies, Babar’s father still had a soft spot in his heart for the people. As a captain in the World Cup, Babar failed to strengthen his grip on the team because his enemy group had completely arranged.

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