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Champions Trophy 2025, Matches have been Planned only in Pakistan.

Champions Trophy 2025, Matches have been Planned only in Pakistan.

Regarding Champions Trophy 2025, matches have been planned only in Pakistan.

Champions Trophy 2025

The Champions Trophy 2025 is to be held in February, March, so far the plan has been made keeping in mind the matches only in Pakistan, although there is no possibility of a visit of the Indian team, but a decision in this regard will be made only when the time comes. .

In the past few days, the head of the PCB management committee, Zaka Ashraf, also met with the vice-chairman of the Emirates Cricket Board, Khalid Zorani. The champion trophy was not mentioned, but the UAE assured Pakistan of its unconditional support. Is.

It should be remembered that due to India’s refusal to visit, PCB organized the Asia Cup in Sri Lanka this year under the hybrid model, only four matches could be held in the country.

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Situation During Champions Trophy

Sources said that in such a situation during the Champions Trophy, holding a few matches in the UAE is not out of the question, but the additional expenses will have to be borne by the ICC. In such a situation, the tournament format will also have to be changed.

The council had already handed over the hosting of the Champions Trophy to Pakistan, but the agreement could be signed only on Friday. There was a deadlock in this regard for a long time.

ICC Chairman

In May, ICC Chairman Greg Barclay and CEO Jeff Allardyce visited Pakistan but the issue was not resolved, with Pakistan taking the stand that if a country refused to send a team citing security reasons, So avoid a unilateral decision, an independent security agency has to review the situation, ICC has accepted this demand.

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