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Champions Trophy, hopefully the event will be held in Pakistan, Mohsin Naqvi

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Mohsin Naqvi

Chairman Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Mohsin Naqvi says that the Champions Trophy 2025 will be held in Pakistan, for which there is full preparation, we hope from Allah that this event will be held in Pakistan, he is not thinking that the Champions Trophy will be held in Pakistan instead of Pakistan. In another country or under a hybrid model.

Mohsin Naqvi, while holding a crowded press conference at the National Stadium, said that the selection committee will decide the captaincy of the team, he wants to make the selection committee powerful so that it is responsible and will not interfere in their work

After five years, Departmental Cricket was Revived in the Country (PAKISTAN)
After five years, Departmental Cricket was Revived in the Country (PAKISTAN)

Pakistan team will be Announced

He said that the coach of the Pakistan team will be announced in a week, whether the coach is a Pakistani or a foreigner, who will be better for the Pakistan team, his services will be taken.

Chairman PCB said that in the ICC meeting, he had a meeting with the secretary of the Indian board, Jai Shah, and the discussions took place in a pleasant atmosphere, but at present, he does not want to bring these things forward.

Regarding the change of the captain of the Pakistan team, he said that this decision will be taken by the selection committee.

Mohsin Naqvi further said

Mohsin Naqvi further said that winning or losing is not an issue regarding the performance of Pakistan team, hard work should be seen and that hard work should be seen not by me but by everyone. Lose together, it can’t be done once and for all, the whole team will collapse. There are 11 players in the team and there are 900 people on the board.

On a question, Mohsin Naqvi said that he is ready to hold two positions at the same time. Regarding domestic cricket in Pakistan, Chairman Mohsin Navi said that last year we conducted 2700 matches, our target is to conduct 9000 matches in four months. The aim is not to conduct more matches, they can also conduct 15000 matches, but they want to conduct quality cricket to get talent.

Mohsin Naqvi said about the conversation

Mohsin Naqvi said about the conversation with Shane Watts that he would not like to name anyone right now because there are so many things that international people go back to.

He said that at present they will upgrade Karachi, Lahore and Pindi stadiums, after that work will be done on the upgrading of the ground in other cities. .

He said that many spectators came in Lahore, Pindi Multan, the stadium was full, why the crowd does not come in Karachi, why the National Stadium remains empty is a big mystery for them and a big question for them. People have to walk more but they will try their best to solve this problem.

He said that whoever works

He said that whoever works in PCB, he cannot work in any other organization. They will make a policy which everyone has to follow. It is a matter of bringing.

Four to five pitches will be built in Lahore, in which soil will be procured from Australia and soil will also be procured from England.

He said Haris Rauf is a good player, his case is with the appeal committee to decide.

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