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Defeat in the Melbourne test: Hafeez also questioned the umpiring

Defeat in the Melbourne test: Hafeez also questioned the umpiring

National cricket team director and batting coach Hafeez questioned the umpiring after the Melbourne Test defeat.

Hafeez expressed concern over:

Speaking at the press conference at the end of the match, team director Muhammad Hafeez congratulated the Australian team for their victory in the Melbourne Test and appreciated the national team players for giving the Kangaroos a tough time at home.

Hafeez expressed concern over the umpiring decisions and said that if we analyze the entire game, there were very inconsistent decisions by the umpires, I think it needs to be addressed because one umpire call decision is a defeat for the other team. It can also causeMuhammad Hafeez said, 

Hafeez said:

Mohammad Hafeez said that there were many mistakes in the Melbourne Test while there were some opportunities the players failed to take advantage of, not against technology in the game but the way Rizwan was dismissed has created confusion.

Rizwan also expressed surprise:

In the 61st over of the game, Muhammad Rizwan tried to bend the ball on Pat Cummins’ ball, but the ball hit Gulfooz’s strap and went to the wicketkeeper Alex Carey. The umpire gave the decision in favor of the fielding side, to which Rizwan also expressed surprise.

Replays using technology also showed no clear marks on the speedometer and hotspot, but the umpire called them out, drawing criticism from fans on several platforms, including social media. is going.

The crucial moment came in the 61st over of Pakistan’s second innings when Pat Cummins appealed for a catch against Rizwan. Initially dismissed by the on-field umpire, Cummins opted for a review, suspecting Rizwan’s possible glove touch.

On review, the third umpire analyzed multiple angles and the hotspot showed nothing when the ball passed Rizwan’s wrist, but the cinemeter showed a spike. Rizwan was dismissed based on the spike.

Addressing the team’s performance at the press conference, Hafeez expressed concern over umpiring decisions, stressing the need for a balance between technology and the essence of cricketing instincts.

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Muhammad Hafeez:

Muhammad Hafeez said, We made some mistakes, and there were some moments where we didn’t take the opportunity to change the result. I’m not against technology in the game, but if it creates doubt and confusion, it’s not acceptable. Some decisions are incomprehensible. The ball on the stumps is always out. I will never understand why the umpire’s call comes.

We play this beautiful game of cricket with natural instincts, and we all know the basics of the game. However, at times, it feels like the focus is more on the technology show than the actual cricket being played. I believe this is an area that needs to be addressed properly.

Highlighting the impact of questionable decisions in the post-match press conference, Muhammad Hafeez expressed doubts about certain calls and reiterated the need for clarity and certainty in the game.



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