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After five years, Departmental Cricket was Revived in the Country (PAKISTAN)

After five years, Departmental Cricket was Revived in the Country (PAKISTAN)

After five years, departmental cricket was revived in the country. The President Trophy competition started in Karachi. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has changed the playing conditions of first-class cricket for the event, limiting the first innings to 80 overs. Teams will also get bonus points based on their first innings performance.

Iftikhar Ahmed, Zain Abbas, and Muhammad Saleem scored centuries on the first day in the President Trophy First Class tournament. Muhammad Abbas and Ramiz bowled brilliantly.

State Bank against PTV and SNGPL

State Bank against PTV and SNGPL against Ghani Glass got bonus points based on their first innings performance.

SNGPL scored 371 runs for 7 wickets in 80 overs against Ghani Glass at National Bank Stadium. Abid Ali 90, Asad Shafiq 81, Sahibzada Farhan 67 and Umeer bin Yusuf scored 56 runs.

Mohammad Ramiz of Ghani Glas dismissed 6 players. SNGPL got a batting bonus point for scoring more than 350 runs in the first innings.

The PTV team was bowled out for 66 runs against the host State Bank at the State Bank Sports Complex. Mohammad Abbas of State Bank took 6 wickets, and Samin Gul took three wickets.

State Bank Departmental Cricket:

In reply, State Bank scored 201 runs for one wicket. Zain Abbas scored 109 and Umar Amin scored 64 not out.

State Bank got one bowling bonus point for bowling out the opposition in the first innings and another three bonus points for taking the lead.

WAPDA TEAM Departmental Cricket:

On the other hand, despite the centuries of Iftikhar Ahmed and Muhammad Saleem at the UBL ground, WAPDA could not take the bonus point of the first innings. WAPDA team scored 322 runs in 80 overs against KRL. Iftikhar Ahmed scored 155 runs and Saleem scored 117 runs.

In reply, KRL scored 23 runs in 8 overs without loss.

According to the playing conditions for the event, the first innings will be limited to 80 overs,, if the team scores 350 runs, then the batting bonus point and bowling bonus point will be given for going all out, but surprisingly, if the batting side ends the first innings from 80 overs. If the bowling side wants to declare first, then the bowling side will be entitled to the bonus point.


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