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ICC Laws for the Ball

ICC Laws for the Ball

ICC Laws for the Ball

Weight and size of Ball:

The balls, when new, shall weigh not less than 5.5 ounces/155.9 g, nor more than 5.75 ounces/163 g, and
Measure not less than 8.81 inches/22.4 cm and not more than 9 inches/22.9 cm in circumference.

Clearance and control of balls

The home board will provide cricket balls of approved quality and additional used balls for Test cricket.
Changing during the match, which will also be of the same brand. Note: Homeboard will require this.
Advise the visiting board of the brand of ball to be used in the match at least 30 days before the start of the match.
The fielding captain or his nominee may select the balls from the supply with which he wishes to bowl.
Provided by Home Board. The fourth umpire will carry a box containing at least 6 new balls.
Oversee the dressing room and ball selection.
The umpires shall retain possession of the match ball(s) throughout the duration of the match when played.
Not actually happening.
The umpires shall periodically and irregularly inspect and maintain the condition of the boll during play.
His possession at the fall of a wicket, a drinks break, or any other interruption of play.

Laws for a New Balls

New balls will be used at the start of each innings.
A new ball is available after 80 overs.
The captain of the fielding side may call for a new ball when the number of overs, excluding any part overs
With old equal to or more than 80 overs. The umpire shall inform the other umpire and signal to the umpire.
Batsmen and scorers whenever a new ball is played.

The ball is lost or Unplayable.

If, during play, the bol cannot be found or retrieved or the umpires agree that it has become unfit for play.
In common practice, the umpire will replace it with a ball that is more worn than the previous ball.
It was received before its replacement was needed. When the bol is replaced, the umpires will inform the batsmen and
Fielding captain.
However, if the balls need to be replaced after 110 overs due to any of the above reasons, it will be replaced with a new one.
balls. If the balls are to be replaced, the umpires will inform the batsmen, fielding captain, and scorers.

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