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ICC LAWS For The Bat

ICC LAWS For The Bat

ICC LAWS For The Bat

The basic requirements and measurements of the bat are set out in this clause with detailed specifications in

paragraph 1 of Appendix B.

The handle

The handle is to be made principally of cane and/or wood.

The part of the handle that is wholly outside the blade is defined to be the upper portion of the handle. It is a

Straight shaft for Holding the Bat.

The upper portion of the handle may be covered with a grip as defined in paragraph 1.2.2 of Appendix B.

The blade

The blade comprises the whole of the bat apart from the handle as defined in clause 5.2 and paragraph

Of Appendix B.

The blade shall consist solely of wood.

Protection and Repair:

Solely for protection from surface damage to the face, sides, and shoulders of the blade these surfaces.

For repair of the blade after damage other than surface damage.

Solid material may be inserted into the blade.

The only material permitted for any insertion is wood with minimal essential adhesives.

To prevent damage to the toe, material may be placed on that part of the blade but shall not extend over any

Damage to the Ball

For any part of the bat, covered or uncovered, the hardness of the constituent materials and the surface

texture thereof shall not be such that either or both could cause unacceptable damage to the ball.

cause unacceptable damage to the ball.

For the purpose of this clause, unacceptable damage is any change that is greater than normal wear and

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Contact with the Ball:

In these clauses,

Reference to the bat shall imply that the batt is held in the batter’s hand or a glove worn on his hand, unless

stated otherwise.

Contact Between the Ball:

The bat itself

The batter’s hand holding the bait

Any part of a glove worn on the batter’s hand holding the bait

Any additional materials permitted under 5.4

Bat Size Limits:

Batt size limits

Width: 4.25in / 10.8 cm

Depth: 2.64in / 6.7 cm

Edges: 1.56in / 4.0cm.

Furthermore, it should also be able to pass through a bat gauge as described in paragraph 1.6 of Appendix B.

The handle shall not exceed 52% of the overall length of the bait.

The material permitted for covering the blade in clause 5.4.1 shall not exceed 0.04 in/0.1 cm in thickness..

Categories of Bat:

1 Type A bats conform to clauses 5.1 to 5.7 inclusive.

2 Only Type A bats may be used in Test matches.

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