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ICC suspends Sri Lankan Cricket Board membership Latest Update

ICC suspends Sri Lankan Cricket Board membership

ICC suspends Sri Lankan Cricket Board membership. In a statement issued by the ICC, it has been said that the International Cricket Council has decided to immediately suspend Sri Lanka. According to the ICC, Sri Lanka has been suspended due to government interference.

ICC suspends Sri Lankan:

The International Cricket Council says that it was agreed in the board meeting that the affairs of the Sri Lanka Cricket Board violate ICC rules. According to the International Cricket Council, the terms and conditions of the suspension and its termination will be determined soon. It should be clear that In recent days, the Sri Lankan Sports Minister Roshan Ranasinghe dismissed the board due to the poor performance of the Sri Lankan team in the ICC One Day World Cup. Later, the captain of the 1996 World Cup-winning team.

ICC suspends Sri Lankan Cricket Board membership

ICC suspends Sri Lankan Cricket Board:

Was handed over the responsibility when he was appointed as the interim chairman. However, the former president of the cricket board approached the court against the sports ministry’s decision, after which the court dismissed the Sri Lankan cricket board. After doing this, the implementation of the interim committee was stopped.

Chief selector of the Sri Lankan:

The chief selector of the Sri Lankan cricket team says that his team’s poor performance in the World Cup is the result of a ‘conspiracy from outside’.
According to private TV, while talking to reporters at the airport on Friday, Pramodya Wickramasinghe said, “Give me two or three days and I will tell you everything about it.” It (the poor performance in the World Cup) is the result of a conspiracy from outside.
It should be noted that the Sri Lankan team lost to New Zealand on Thursday and left on Friday morning.
He played nine matches in the World Cup, out of which he could win only two matches, after which the doors of the Champions Trophy have also been closed for the team.
Talking about the performance of the team, Pramodya Wickramasinghe said, “It is very sad and I take full responsibility for it.”
Pramodya Wickremesinghe was appointed as the Chief Selector and was a part of the Ari Lincoln team that won the World Cup in Pakistan in 1996.
After the poor performance in the World Cup, the sports minister of the country dismissed all the officials of the cricket board, but later a Sri Lankan court overturned this decision and reinstated the cricket board.
On Thursday, cricket echoed in the Sri Lankan parliament as the government and opposition tabled a resolution demanding the resignation of the management of the board.

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