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Important decisions are expected in the International Cricket Council

Important decisions are expected in the International Cricket Council


Important decisions are expected in the meeting of the International Cricket Council Board on Tuesday, the suspension of the Sri Lankan board and the hosting of the Under-19 World Cup will be discussed, while the demand for the restoration of the ODI Cricket Super League will also be considered.

Future of ODI International cricket:

The future of One Day International (ODI) cricket is currently under discussion. Several countries, including Zimbabwe, which is scheduled to co-host the 2027 World Cup with South Africa and Namibia, are calling for the revival of the Super League. The qualifying procedure for the participation of 14 teams in the mega event has already been decided, so if the decision is made to reintroduce the Super League, it will only come into effect from 2028., it will only come into effect from 2028.

Decision International Cricket Council :

The ICC is expected to make decisions on reviving the High-Performance Programme that was terminated in the last decade. This move will enable Associate Members to learn and advance their skills. Additionally, methods for managing the structure will be explored to ensure efficient operations.

New Distribution Model Cricket:

The new distribution model will include a discussion about how to spend the surplus funds allocated for the members on various projects. The value of these projects is estimated to be around 100 million US dollars. Additionally, the decision to include cricket in the 2028 Olympics will be considered, as well as other related matters.

ICC suspended Sri Lankan a few days ago:

The International Cricket Council says that it was agreed in the board meeting that the affairs of the Sri Lanka Cricket Board violate ICC rules. According to the International Cricket Council, the terms and conditions of the suspension and its termination will be determined soon. It should be clear that In recent days, the Sri Lankan Sports Minister Roshan Ranasinghe dismissed the board due to the poor performance of the Sri Lankan team in the ICC One Day World Cup. Later, the captain of the 1996 World Cup-winning team.

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