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IPL vs PSL: Which league is better? Wasim Akram told |comparison

IPL vs PSL: Which league is better? Wasim Akram| comparison

IPL vs PSL: Which league is better? Wasim Akram|comparison; Former national team captain Wasim Akram gave his opinion on the debate regarding the Indian Premier League (IPL) and Pakistan Super League (PSL).

Wasim Akram said:

While giving an interview to an Indian sports website yesterday, former captain Wasim Akram said that I have been associated with teams in both leagues, IPL has no comparison with Pakistan Super League (PSL).


“PSL is a big brand only in Pakistan but IPL is followed all over the world,” he said.
When the Sultan of Swing was Asked to pick a Team Between Karachi Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders, Wasim Akram chose both teams.


Pakistan Super League {PSL }

On the other hand, Wasim Akram’s Statement regarding the Pakistan Super League <psl> was seen by the fans and they also criticized the former cricketer.

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Earlier in the day before yesterday, who will give priority to the coaching of the Pakistan and Australian teams? To which the Sultan of Swing gave a surprising reply that I would like to coach the Kangaroos.

It should be noted that the former cricketer is currently a part of the commentary panel during the Pakistan-Australia Test series while also performing the duties of the director of the well-known franchise Karachi Kings in the Pakistan Super League.

IPL vs PSL comparison:

IPL vs PSL: From prize money to Player salaries, major differences Between the 2 T20 Leagues revealed –
Between the Pakistan Super League and the Indian Premier League {IPL}, the old debate between Indian and Pakistani fans About which T20 league is better will reignite. Although both Leagues have their standards, it is important to present some facts and figures to show which of the two Leagues is bigger and therefore more popular.

IPL vs PSL Budget:

The Prize Money of {IPL 2022} was Rs <20 crore> All T20 Leagues. Even the Runner-up gets Rs 12.5 crore. Men’s T20 World Cup champions England received around Rs 13 crore as Prize Money. In comparison, the {PSL} winner gets Rs 3.4 crore while the runner-up gets Rs 1.5 crore. These Numbers are from the last few years.

IPL vs PSL Which is Better:

The Indian Premier League (IPL) does not depend on the open trial system, although they have had success using talent scouts, the open trial system has proven to be more effective. As a result, Pakistan’s league is more apt to scout for raw talent.

Pace Bowling Quality:

When we talk about PSL being better than IPL, one of the biggest factors that makes it different from IPL is the quality of local fast bowlers. Local talent comes from open trials that make it to the global stage of the PSL. The PSL has produced fast bowlers who have performed well in global tournaments over the past few years.

Moreover, we can say that the Pakistan Super League is much better than the IPL in producing local fast bowlers.

Length of the Tournament:

There is one major reason why PSL is better than IPL and that is the length of the tournament. With only one month of cricket in the tournament, the excitement and competition in PSL have reached a new level.

As the stadium is very close to the fans, they can enjoy the game up close and not waste much time. The main advantage of PSL over IPL is that it is a short-duration tournament, which is why it is more popular among fans.

Australian cricketer Usman Khawaja

Australian cricketer Usman Khawaja, IPL is the best league in the world. Khawaja said that PSL cannot be compared to IPL.
Khawaja said, “PSL is a world-class league but there is no doubt that IPL is the best league in the world. There is really no match here (IPL and PSL) because in the end players from all over the world go there (IPL) and it is the only league in which Indian players play. That’s why the best league debate ends here. However, there are many CT20 cricket leagues like PSL, BBL, and CPL, they are standard leagues and everyone wants to play in them.

IPL vs PSL viewership:

Comparison of Indian Premier League (IPL) with Pakistan Super League (PSL). Najam Sethi claimed that PSL has better digital ratings than IPL.



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