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Pakistan Cricket Team Captain Has Said That We Have a Net Run Rate Plan

Fakhar Zaman, I Would Like to Open only in PSL

Pakistan Cricket Team Captain has said that we have a net run rate plan in mind, and we will go after it, if Fakhar plays 20 or 30 overs then we can achieve this run rate.

In a press conference, Babar said that not in any field as a team and we did not play well, anything could happen in cricket, we Would try on a good note, and we should have won the match between Afghanistan and Africa.

Pakistan Cricket Team Captain:

Babar said that hope should be positive at every opportunity, and try to learn from mistakes, there is very little room for mistakes at this level.

Babar said that my performance is not such that people say there is pressure on me, since last year I was performing and captaining.

Pakistan Cricket Team Captain:

“If anyone wants to give advice, everyone has a contact number.” Everyone has a call number if someone wants to give advice, it’s easy to talk on TV, I don’t think there is any pressure on me, team decision is the captain’s, go with the best 11,” the captain said.

“See you Later Captain”

Babar said that right now, the team focus is on the next match, we will see the future of captaincy later. Babar said that we have also been number one in ODIs, and we got a lot of love and support in India.

Babar said that I aimed to finish well as a sportsman, wanted to try to win the team, bat according to the situation, plan according to it, sometimes the conditions favor playing openly, here.

I Could Not Perform as Per Expectations

Babar added that we had come to India for the first time, we were not aware of the conditions, and we could not perform as expected.


Pakistan cricket team captain

Pakistan V/S England:

How many times did Pakistan defeat England?
In the last 91 matches, England won 56 matches while Pakistan won 32 matches.
Three matches ended without a win
From this point of view, the burden of England is heavy.

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