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PCB Will Demand Compensation For Team India Not Going to Pakistan

PCB will demand compensation for Team India not going to Pakistan!

PCB Will Demand Compensation

PCB Will Demand Compensation: The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has urged the International Cricket Council (ICC) to sign an agreement with it for the rights to host the Champions Trophy 2025 and also stressed that if the Indian cricket team wins the Champions Trophy. 2025 If Pakistan refuses to come due to political and security concerns, it should be compensated.

International Cricket Council (ICC):

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has reportedly chosen Pakistan as the host country for the upcoming Champions Trophy tournament to be held in February-March 2025. However, as of now, no official hosting agreement has been signed between the ICC and Pakistan. PCB Chairman, Zaka Ashraf, and Chief Operating Officer (COO), Salman Naseer, recently met with the ICC Executive Board in Ahmedabad to discuss the hosting arrangements for the tournament.

According to sources of PCB:

According to sources, Pakistani officials discussed the possibility of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) refusing to send their team to Pakistan once again. They also made it clear that the International Cricket Council (ICC) could unilaterally decide on the tournament regardless of the BCCI’s decision.

India refuses to play in Pakistan due to security concerns:

According to sources, officials from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) have informed the International Cricket Council (ICC) that if India refuses to play in Pakistan due to security concerns, an independent security agency should be appointed by the ICC. The PCB has suggested that the agency may consult with the government of Pakistan and security authorities to evaluate the security situation for teams other than India. Furthermore, the PCB has stated that if India decides not to send its team to Pakistan for the tournament and its matches are played in another country, the ICC will be required to compensate Pakistan.

During the ICC meeting:

Due to the tense relationship between the governments of Pakistan and India, India may likely decline to play in Pakistan for security and political reasons. It is worth noting that India had previously refused to participate in Pakistan during the Asia Cup, which was held in August and September of this year. Instead, the Indian team played all their matches, including the final, in Sri Lanka. During the ICC meeting, Ashraf and Naseer expressed that Pakistan has no intention of giving up its hosting rights.

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