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Shahid Afridi rained on the Indian team and spectators.

Shahid Afridi rained on the Indian team and spectators.

Shahid Afridi rained on the Indian team and spectators.

After India’s defeat in the ICC ODI World Cup, Shahid Afridi has taken the Indian players and Indian fans by storm.

Shahid Afridi:

Australia has got the honor of becoming the world champion for the sixth time by defeating India on its soil, after which the Indian fans are beside themselves, but even after the signs of defeat are clear during the match, their attitude is devoid of sportsman spirits. On which Shahid Afridi has taken him blind-handed.

While presenting an analysis of India’s defeat in the final match of the World Cup in a local private TV program, former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi said that the cricket fans did not appreciate the brilliant game played by Australia. I have played and it has been the experience that whenever we hit a four or a six or a century, the spectators in the stadium would smell a snake.

Sports-loving nations:

Sports-loving nations

Shahid Afridi termed the behavior of Indian fans in the final match against the sportsman spirit and said that India calls itself a so-called educated nation but their behavior on the final day was completely opposite to it. Sports-loving nations transcend prejudice and praise every good player.

He said that Travis Head’s century in such a big match would have been a great inning. Some people in the stadium would have stood up and clapped, but there was a smell of snake and it seemed like the body language of the Indian team. Negito was the same as the crowd’s attitude was negative and it was all surprising to me.

Shahid Afridi openly praised the Australian cricket team during the program and said that they played great cricket and told the world that they are mentally strong and never give up and fight till the end. He is a role model for the new generation on how to get out of a difficult situation and win the lost matches.

The former captain said :

The former captain said that the brilliant innings played by Travis Head and Lubushon after being out for 3 for 47 runs is an example for other teams that modern cricket is played not only with fours and sixes but also with singles and doubles. When you don’t give wickets and keep rotating strikes from singles to doubles, it increases the pressure on the opposition. So the body language of the Indian team became negative

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