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Virat Kohli Spat on me During the Match, Dean Elgar

Virat Kohli Spat on me During the Match, Dean Elgar

Former South African Captain Dean Elgar:

Former South African Captain Dean Elgar has Made a big revelation About Indian Star Cricketer Virat Kohli.

During an interview, the former Captain of the South African Cricket Team said That Virat Kohli spat on him During the Test match.

South Africa’s Tour of India*:

Dean Elgar added that the incident took place during a Test match in South Africa’s tour of India in 2015*.

He said that Virat Kohli* apologized to AB de Villiers after 2 years for this incident.

Ashwin and Virat Kohli:

Explaining the details of the incident, the former South African captain* also said that at that time he was being teased by Ravichandran Ashwin and Virat Kohli.

He said that when he was batting on Ashwin’s* ball, he was being shouted at from around, including Ravindra Jadeja and Virat Kohli*.


Virat Kohli Spat at me, Dean Elgar said:

Meanwhile, Jadeja said something that Virat Kohli spat at me, Dean Elgar said.

He said that Virat Kohli apologized to his teammate and close friend AB de Villiers for his actions during the Indian team’s tour of South Africa after two years.

Elgar then Said, “In India. Wickets were a Joke:

I came in to bat and I was actually like holding my own against Ashwin and what’s his name Jeeja… jae-jae-Jazeera, (‘Jadeeja’,” said someone in the background). And Kohli, that’s me, likes to spit,” Elgar said if you do that I will get you out,” Elgar said. said, The former South Africa opener said that after learning about the incident, de Villiers discussed the matter with his close friend and Royal Challengers Bangalore teammate Kohli.

Ab de Villiers Had a Conversation with Kohli:

“Anyway, then, he realized that de Villiers had found out what he had done and went up to him and said ‘Bud, why are you spitting on my mate Bud? It’s not like that’ and two years later, he (Kohli) called me aside from playing in South Africa and said ‘Can we have a drink at the end of the series?
“‘I just want to apologize for what I did’. Two years later in South Africa, he says he wants to apologize for what he did. We had been drinking, (the punchline) is that we were 3 in the morning. Drink till 10. When he used to drink, he’s obviously changed a bit,” Elgar added.
When asked how was the experience of playing his last Test for South Africa against the likes of Kohli and Ashwin, Elgar replied, “Very good”.
After Elgar was caught off the bat in his last Test innings in Cape Town in December 2023, Kohli did not seem to celebrate and hugged the South African as he returned to the pavilion.

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